Yes, You Need Closed Captioning Services

While closed captioning services are helpful, depending on your project, they might also be necessary. New laws make sure broadcasts provide acceptable visual assistance for viewers who are hard of hearing. Regardless of whether your project will be shown on television, however, there are benefits to closed captioning you can’t do without. Closed Captioning Doesn’t Run by Default When you’re watching a show on television, you have to go into your TV’s menu options to access closed captioning. When creating a video for broadcast, an experienced company can add accessible media as an option. The same is true for any video you might produce. This is important to keep text from scrolling across the screen for people who don’t need it. The distraction can be annoying and disrupt their viewing experience. Constant captions can take value away from your product. The benefit it adds as an option, however, is immense. Not only can the hard of hearing use captions to follow the program, but there are other uses as well. Students can use closed captioning services to learn to read or learn a foreign language. Viewers can use them to follow along when they have to turn the sound down as well. Using a Reputable Media Company Creating your own disc with closed captioning services can be tricky. It’s also a tedious and time consuming chore. Hiring a professional company can perfect your project. The savings in your time and frustration will more than make up for the cost. It’s important to look at more than cost when searching out a company for closed captioning services. Low-ball rates may translate to sloppy work or captioning done by non-native English speakers. Look for companies with an established client list and request a sample disc. Quality closed captioning services are important in opening up entertainment to everyone. For those who are hard of hearing, they provide access to popular culture that wasn’t present ten years ago. They also offer opportunities for learning and enjoyment beyond their original purpose. Unfortunately, they can be frustrating to do yourself. Before skimping on your next project, look for an affordable, competent closed caption expert.   For high quality closed captioning services, along with design and production assistance, visit