The best glass for the best windows

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Not all windows are created equal, and much of that difference, asides from the frames you choose, is in the glass. Each different type of glass will provide different type of heat insulation, noise reduction and clarity – the key indicators of quality glass. There are four main types of glass for windows and these are available across the country, including in the US. The same is true for buying glass Minneapolis, where companies offer a full range of window repair and replacement services. When choosing glass, in Minneapolis or elsewhere, make a note of the four types below. Double glass unit Often called “double glazed” this glass is, in reality, two layers of glass spaced apart using an aluminum strip. In between the glass manufacturers usually insert some type of gas to enhance its properties, such as argon. The best thing about this glass is that it offers great heat insulation and sound insulation – saving you both in energy bills and reducing outside noise. This is especially important if you live in a busy area by a road or something. They are also very secure and hard to break, but the only problem is, if they are damaged, a single unit can be very expensive to replace. Float glass This type of glass is named after the manufacturing process where a glass in a long hot sheet is passed back and forth across molten tin giving it an even thickness with a surface that looks bright. Some of the advantages of float glass is the high clarity and visibility they give when installed inside the home. Another advantage of this glass, that people aren’t always aware of, is that it can be used to create tinted glass, toughened glass or reflective glass. The only problem is that it offers poor insulation and is vulnerable to thieves breaking in. Reflective glass This glass is basically float glass with a metallic coating creating a mirror effect so you can’t see through it on one side. But through the other, light is perfectly visible. Repair and replacement glass Minneapolis companies should offer this type of glass. The good thing about reflective glass is that it reduces the sun’s radiation and heat and can help improve the efficiency of air conditioning units. Reinforced glass Often referred to as “toughened glass”, reinforced glass is another type of float glass with special treatment applied to it. This involves heating it to a very high temperature, close to 620c, and then it’s cooled incredibly quickly to make it extra strong. The best thing about this glass is that it is up to four or five times tougher than float glass. It also provides the kind of security no other glass on the market can offer. If you are looking for replacement glass Minneapolis for your windows, make a note of Glass Doctor. They are dedicated to fixing glass both in the home and in your vehicle. Call them on: 612.355.2722 or 651.233.2177.

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