Innovative Solution For Surgical Staff Compliance Of Needlestick Safety Act

Surgeons and operating room staff run the risk of contracting a blood-borne or other transmitted disease due to needlesticks, puncture wounds, and other hazardous scenarios. To lower risks, every hospital and medical practice must follow the Needlestick Safety Act or face profound consequences. Learn how an innovative new needle containment and self-secure closer device can […]

Common Issues When Performing an EHR Migration

When health clinics and similar organizations transition to an electronic health record (EHR) system, it can be a challenging process for everyone involved. Source data typically comes from paper, multiple computer systems, and even dictation equipment. It’s important to understand the EHR data migration process when selecting a software partner who will migrate this data […]

4 Signs You Need Mental Health Treatment in Minneapolis

Everyone experiences stress and sadness at times. It can be difficult to determine when you need help. However, therapy can make the world seem brighter and help you move forward in your professional and personal relationships. Here are 4 signs you need mental health treatment in Minneapolis. 1. You Experienced a Death Grief is a […]

Flying Nurses Bring Travel Consultancy to Local Florida Families

In many cases, family assisted flights won’t need the full skills of a trained RN medical escort. That being said, professional travel companions for seniors can still provide a very helpful service for those who might find traveling to be a challenge. One Palm Coast-based organization is turning this paradigm on its head with a […]

What Englewood, NJ Residents Should Expect from a Botox Treatment

Many individuals will reach a point in their life when at-home beauty treatments no longer cut it. This is because at-home treatments can only do so much. Once a person starts to see that anti-wrinkle creams are no longer doing their job, they usually turn to dermatologists and other professionals to help them fight the […]

3 Ways Your Urgent Care Patients Can Benefit from All-In-One Records Access

A typical urgent care facility is different than a regular doctor’s office in that things are often fast-paced. Plus, there will likely be more patient interactions, which means having accurate, easily accessible records is even more critical. The solution is to have urgent care electronic health records that can be conveniently accessed from one source, […]