The Benefits of Tabletop Trade Show Displays

    There are a large variety of displays to choose from when you participate in trade shows. The products available range from small to large and span a wide price range. If you are on a tight budget, there are many benefits to using attractive tabletop trade show displays, making it apparent that bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to advertising. It is all in how you market your company, including how your salespeople interact with the participants.

    Easy to Store

    If you only participate in one or two events per year, you have to find somewhere to store your display items. If you are a small operation, space might be a commodity and one you do not want to give up to show displays. The tabletop display is compact, making it easy to store out of the way and out of danger of being ruined.

    Easy to Display

    Tabletop trade show displays offer a cost-effective method of participating in events that can be quite costly. If you do not need a large space and only require the use of a table and small area to converse with consumers, your costs could be greatly reduced to participate in the events, allowing you to attend more of them, effectively increasing your sales and leads.

    Save on Transport

    When you participate in trade shows, you need a way to get your marketing materials to the event. If your displays are large, you might need to pay for expensive shipping to get it to your event. With smaller displays that fit right on the table, you can transport them yourself, avoiding the expensive cost of shipping, as well as the risk of them being ruined during transport. When you are in charge of your displays you can ensure they reach your destination in good condition. If you want to start participating in trade shows and other marketing events but are short on space or budget, consider using tabletop trade show displays. They offer numerous benefits, including requiring little space for storage, easy set-up and take down at the event and the ability to transport them yourself to your events. When you are able to save on the high costs of shipping and taking up room at the event, you are able to focus on the reason you are attending the event – gaining more leads and closing more sales.

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