What Manicure Services You Can Avail

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Health

Regardless of the nature of your work, your hands will always get tired after a long day. The hand is vital for almost every task you do. As a matter of fact, it is the single busiest part of the human body. Just imagine how you could complete all your chores without your hands. Just as you take care of your face and hair, your hands should also be well pampered. If you are an addict for facial treatment, then, your hands equally deserve such treatment. You have to pamper them and take care of them to keep them in perfect shape. Manicure in Tucson is a great way of caring for your hands. A lot of people think that health and beauty services are expensive, but the truth is that there are affordable services waiting for you to be discovered. If you go to the right nail salon or spa, you can get the best service at the best price. There is a wide range of manicure services available for you. Depending on the needs of your hands, you can do just one or a combination of these services. But whatever you decide to avail, expect that your hands and nails will get their well deserved treatment and will look great after it is completed. 1. Basic manicure service – In this manicure procedure, the nails are trimmed, cleaned and filed. If there are cuticles, they are snipped and pushed. Some women do not want to cut their cuticles; you can simply inform your manicurist about this preference. Most salons offer nail painting along with basic service but it’s up to you to decide. The best Manicure shop in Tucson offer added nail treatments, such as lotion massage, hot water soak, etc., without extra charge. 2. Hand paraffin – This is an additional service that you can avail along with basic manicure service. In this procedure, the hand is treated with wax and a perfect way to relax your tired hands. You can see immediate change after this procedure is completed. It usually comes with a relaxing aromatherapy oil massage to keep the hands well rested. After the treatment, your hands are moisturized and are smoother. 3. French type manicure – This is a very popular hand treatment wherein the nails are colored very pale pink or beige with white fine tip. But before the nails are painted, they are trimmed with square-shaped tips and then filed. You can also have your cuticles pushed back or removed. The hands are also massaged with abundant hand cream. These are great Manicure services that nail salons in Tucson offer. To find a good nail spa, you can check online. Read the testimonials and comments of previous clients to know more about the quality of their service.     Are you planning to have your hands pampered? If you want the best Manicure in Tucson, be sure to visit Spanivatucson.com. Treat yourself now with premium hand service.

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