Types of massage that you can choose from

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Health

There is a wide range of Massages offered by spas in Tucson. These massages usually differ depending on where they originated as well as on the techniques and equipment used. Here are some of the more popular massage types. Read further to learn more about which type of massage is right for you. 1. Aromatherapy massage Aromatherapy massage is a very popular massage therapy. It uses one or more scented plant oils or essential oils to provide relaxation and treat different health needs. Depending on your preferences, the therapist can choose stress-reducing, relaxing, balancing, energizing or sensual essential oils. This therapy is best suited for relieving stress-related ailments. 2. Swedish massage Perhaps one of the most common types of massage in the US, Swedish massage uses kneading, long smooth strokes and circular muscle manipulation. It uses either aromatic oil or massage lotion, whichever you prefer. This massage therapy is very relaxing and gentle. If you do not know about the different Massages in Tucson, this is an excellent starter. 3. Deep tissue massage In this therapy, the therapist targets the deep muscular layers and connective tissues, releasing tension and providing relaxation. It uses friction and slow strokes in manipulating the muscles. This is best for treating strained or painful muscles as well as for chronically tight muscles. Usually, people who have had deep tissue massage feel sore for one or two days but this would eventually disappear as the muscles recuperate. 4. Hot Stone Massage As the name suggests, this therapy makes use of smooth stones that are placed over certain points of the body. These therapeutic stones warm and loosen the tight muscles and are also said to rejuvenate energy lines. The therapist may also use the stone to provide pressure on muscles. This is a good massage therapy for people who have tensed muscles but want a light massage treatment. 5. Thai Massage This therapy originated from ancient eastern healing traditions that align the body energies by using gentle pressure on certain body parts. It also uses stretches and compression to de-stress tensed muscles. Unlike other types of massage, you do not simply lie flat. The therapist stretches and moves your body in different postures, much like an assisted yoga. Thai massage is very energizing at the same time improves your range of motion and flexibility. 6. Shiatsu This massage therapy originated from Japan. Like Thai massage, it uses finger pressure along specific acupuncture points. The therapist usually presses each point for up to eight seconds to improve the flow of energy and restore balance. People who are having this massage for the first time are usually pleasantly surprised of the pressure. After the session, you will feel fully relaxed with no muscle soreness. These are just some of the most popular massages that you can avail. Each massage parlor or spa has its own specialty. You can also have a combination of these Massages for better relaxation.     To learn more about the different types of massages in Tucson that is perfect for you, be sure to visit is website for comprehensive information.

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