Options in Breast Enlargement in NJ

Breast enlargement in NJ is fraught with decisions and options after the initial decision has been made to actually go through with the procedure. The right doctor, the right size and the right type are the decisions that have to be made. There are facts to help make decisions, as well as personal preference that plays a role in your decisions. Size Some women undergo breast enlargement in NJ only because they want to be bigger. This procedure is also done after a single or double mastectomy. Whatever the reason, there are still choices and decisions in this phase. It is important to have a valid reason to choose the size of implant. When visiting the surgeon, he will have some samples of sizes of the implants. If doing the implant after a mastectomy, the patient will more than likely want to go with a size that is similar to what they were before surgery. However, when doing an enlargement, the patient will want to experiment with the samples in the surgeon’s office first to get an idea of the size. Consult the surgeon for what his experience has been with enlargements and what women have been happy with on other occasions. Implant Fill Breast enlargement in NJ will involve choosing between saline and silicone for the implant. Everyone knows of the rise and fall of silicone implants. However, it has risen again as the medical world has discovered that silicone does not have all the side effects that was once believed. The surgeon will be able to provide reading material so the patient can have all the information she needs. Other choices regarding the implant are the implant surface texture. The patient can choose from a smooth or textured feel, as well as whether the best shape for the implant is round or contoured. Before doing a procedure of any magnitude, it is important to know everything there is to know so the satisfaction level can be as high as possible. Incision Type Breast enlargement in NJ offers various options for the incision pattern. The surgeon will show the patient four methods of incisions with options including, peri-areolar, trans-umbilical, transaxillary or the trans-umbilical. The most common incision is the peri-areolar because it is where the dark skin of the areola joins with the flesh-colored skin. It is most common because the incision is the least visible. However, there may be other circumstances where one of the other incision types is best. To learn more about why you need to consider breast enlargement in NJ, visit PlasticSurgeryOfNJ.com.