What Can You Expect From a Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville, AL?

    When the creditors are constantly calling and the letters are piling up, individuals can find themselves overwhelmed. It is imperative a person fully understands how they can get legal help for their debt from the Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville AL. Knowing what to expect can help people to prepare and feel great peace of mind.

    What to Expect From the Process

    There are multiple types of bankruptcy, but there are two that are more popular than others. To find out which one a person needs, the individual will need to schedule a consultation appointment with the bankruptcy attorney in Prattville, AL.

    To get started, the individual will need to bring in their financial records, including information on their assets and income. The more information the individual can provide, the better equipped the attorney will be to provide guidance on what bankruptcy should be chosen.

    Mean’s testing is an important part of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It measures the individual’s income against the median income of the state. If mean’s testing is passed, the individual will then need to submit their non-essential assets for liquidation.

    There is also the option of Chapter 13. This type of bankruptcy requires the individual to have a reliable income coming in each month. The individual will be required to pay monthly payments to the court each month. These are used to pay down the debts that are owed.

    Get Help From an Attorney

    Getting help from an attorney is essential for ensuring the right steps are taken. Chapter 7 is the fastest bankruptcy, but Chapter 13 is favorable for homeowners facing foreclosure.

    When an attorney is hired, they will immediately go to work on helping their client determine the best form of bankruptcy. Once the bankruptcy is in effect, the collectors must cease and desist. They can no longer contact the individual or attempt collection.

    If your creditors are calling non-stop and your stress is rising, call the office of David Weston Attorney At Law. They will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment to get started on the process. Help is just a phone call away so do not continue to stay stressed.

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