Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Quote in Santa Cruz

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Insurance

Many people are confused at the sheer plethora of things that they have to consider when buying a car insurance policy. Driving without insurance is a big risk, and you could be seriously reprimanded for it. You might be stopped by the police and asked to present the insurance papers, and could also receive a hefty fine if you don’t have one. However, there are a number of important things to take into account when buying an insurance policy. You should know that several factors can influence the car insurance quote provided by your local insurance company. Here are some key factors that affect your car insurance quote.

Age of the Car

One of the key factors that can have a major impact on your insurance quote is the age of your car. If you drive an older vehicle, it’s likely that it won’t have as many safety features as the newer models. Moreover, the older cars are also unreliable and are likely to break down. Therefore, most insurance companies take the age of the car into account. If you own a newer vehicle that has been well-maintained, the insurance premium will obviously be lower. You should contact Coast Auto Insurance if you want to buy a new insurance policy for covering your car.

Marital Status

Insurance companies look at various demographics and statistics. According to stats, married people have much fewer accidents than single people, which is why insurance policies for married people are much less expensive. If you apply for a car insurance quote in Santa Cruz as a married individual, you will be able to get a lower insurance price. These are just a couple of important factors that affect your insurance quote.

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