Water Heaters Arlington – Common Problems

    When you have a problem with water heaters Arlington, it is advisable to call your local water heaters repair service to have them checked. However, it is also important to be informed about your heater. Some cases that may seem like emergencies may actually be the result of a small problem that can be solved easily without the involvement of a professional. One common problem is the giving of a foul smell. Some water heaters may give off a bad odor that is similar to rotten eggs. This may not be an emergency situation, but it is uncomfortable all the same. The good news is that the rotten egg smell is a result of a technical problem and does not require the replacement of the whole water heating system. It is simply an indication of a failing anode. Water heaters Arlington are built with an anode rod that is supposed to dissolve to prevent the rusting of the tank. This dissolving process happens over a period of time. However, if the anode fails to dissolve, the tank begins to form rust. The rust formed accumulates at the bottom of the tank as sediment. This sediment acts as a substrate for the formation of bacteria. If you know anything about bacteria, you will know that the presence of a foul smell is always an indication of the presence of bacteria. As the bacteria multiply and metabolize, they form foul smelling substances that give the water a bad odor. Water heaters with this problem often give a slight odor to begin with. However, the smell escalates over time if left untreated and becomes more pronounced. You can get rid of the foul smell when you first notice it by flushing the water heating system periodically. This will get rid of the settled rust as well as the bacteria producing the smell. However, this is only a temporary solution to your problems. Water heaters producing a bad smell should be dealt with for the long term where possible. You may also use the application of hydrogen peroxide in the water heating tank as another temporary solution to the bad odor. To every 40 gallons of water, apply 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. This solution is not toxic to humans. Allow the solution to treat the lines as well by opening any outlets and allowing the solution to run through them. You can also allow the solution to sit in the system for 2 minutes. The solution will kill any bacteria in the system. A permanent solution to your odor problem will require the assistance of professional water heaters Arlington services. This will involve the replacement of your tank with a plastic one. You will therefore avoid rusting altogether. Water Heaters Arlington have been found to give bad odors once in a while. Find out an service provider who is always on time or you do not pay a dime.

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