Fun Things to Do at Shasta Lake in Redding CA

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Shasta Lake in Redding, CA is the best place to be if you are looking for an enormous reservoir offering every manner of water sports and other activities. Redding has many areas that allow you to enjoy various activities. Being the largest man-made reservoir in CA, you will not fall short of things to do at Shasta Lake in Redding CA When visiting the area, which is only 8.2 miles away from the city center, you can enjoy house boating, fishing and even skiing. The wide range of activities available means you can easily find activities, which you can enjoy all on your own, with your family or friends. These activities also include taking part in cultural activities. What’s more, there are also many budget activities to ensure you enjoy your weekend getaway. With manythings to doyou can also enjoy sightseeing. There various attractions that you can enjoy in the area surrounding the lake. Activities include visiting the following:

  • museums
  • arts and entertainment centers
  • zoos and aquariums
  • parks and gardens
  • golf courses
  • health and fitness
  • spas
  • beach and water sports
  • wining and dining
  • fishing

The Shasta Lake also has many inlets and arms which make it perfect for boaters and explorers alike. The four major arms of this lake offer spectacular scenery. So, you can add sightseeing at the lake on your list of things to do at Shasta Lake in Redding CA. Keep in mind that some of the most magnificent features in and around this lake are only accessible by boat.The arms with the most outstanding features which are a must see include the following: The Sacramento Arm: Here the things to do include camping, watching out for red volcanic looking rocks that line the shore, taking a side trip to enjoy a cool waterfall just across the Antlers Resort, enjoy tubing, skiing, wakeboarding and other nautical activities. The McCloud Arm: At this arm, you can take a tour of the famous, historic caverns usually open with guided tours to the public. You can also explore the Samwel Cave from the point of McCloud where you can explore the inner reaches of the cave by getting a special permit usually available at the Shasta Lake Visitor Center. The Pit River Arm: This is the longest arm of the Shasta Lake. Things to do at Shasta Lake in Redding CA Pit River Arm include enjoying sightseeing. You can make sure to see the Pit River Bridge which is the highest double decker bridge in the US. You can also enjoy camping, mountain biking, running at the shores, hiking and more. The Squam Creek Arm: This is one of the lake’s most famous house boating area. Things to do in this arm include swimming, camping. Being home to a wide variety of wildlife, you can include wildlife viewing to your list of things to do. things to do in Redding CA Shasta Lake CALake Shasta is a perfect spot for people who love various nautical activities and sightseeing. For more information Lake Shasta activities, how to plan your vacation to Redding, where to stay and other just for fun information.

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