Advantages and Types of Room Partitions

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

Research has proven that the layout of an office has a direct impact on the motivational level and productivity of staff members. An airy office with lots of light and visible open space can boost employee productivity by almost 90%. However, a completely open office might have an adverse effect on productivity levels. This situation calls for clever and artful division of office space. Room partitions are an excellent way to divide space without altering the basic structure of the office. They also allow for employee privacy, without making anyone feel isolated or claustrophobic. Advantages of a Room Partition Room partitions have many advantages that make them a unique addition to the office space: ?      They can be used to make any type of space private in the office, be it a division between the work stations or an enclosure for meetings. ?      Avoid costly construction. No demolition. No mess. Virtually, no office downtime. ?      They are easy to install and come in a variety of styles and designs. ?      No change to the office structure is required, thereby cutting costs and reducing inconvenience. Types of Room Partitions Sliding, Stationary and Fixed glass panels can be the perfect combination for any office space.  The sliders can all stack to optimize the opening for the easy movement of furniture and for having larger meetings when necessary. Space Plus LLC offers a variety of room partition. Find out how to better use the space you already have.

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