Prime Areas for Real Estate in Singapore

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Legal Advice

A top destination for rich Chinese expatriates, real estate in Singapore has one of the highest prices in the region. As the country has limited land resources of less than a thousand square kilometers in territory, new developments focus on vertical growth, building taller and more luxurious apartments instead of simply adding new buildings to empty land. Singapore properties are sold on either a freehold or leasehold tenure. There are also some requirements for those looking to purchase real estate in the metropolis. One such rule is that the policies favor the design of most buildings towards a condo style and not just a low-rise apartment complex. This has made a dramatic improvement to the market for real estate in Singapore, benefiting businesses and residents alike in this fast growing country. It has helped to boost the reputation and economy of the country significantly. So let’s talk a little about some areas where great properties can be found. Sentosa Cove Even though approval from the government is necessary, foreigners are free to buy and sell property here without restriction. There are no minimum hold requirements, and it is the only region of Singapore where foreigners can buy landed property outright. The result is that properties in this area have very high prices compared to the rest of the country. Tanglin Home to many prestigious educational institutions and clubs, the area is a very popular among expatriates. River Valley Near the Central Business District the River Valley area is a central location with many great restaurants. The House of Tan Yeok Nee, a national monument, stands here; the last standing of the great mansions built in the area. You can find plenty of mid to high level properties here. Holland Village A tourist hotspot, this area has access to many of the top schools in the country, including the United World College. It is only a few minutes’ drive from Orchard Road. Woodlands Another popular spot for expats, this area is further away from the city and features many parks which help residents escape a little from the dense urban environment. This location is especially popular with American expats due to the vicinity of The Singapore American School. Havelock Road With beautiful tree lined promenades with scenic views of the incredible skyline of Singapore; Havelock Road is one area you can’t miss. Many properties are available, from common apartments to more extravagant condos. Bukit Timah The most expensive district in the whole of Singapore, Bukit Timah is heavily dotted with luxury villas and high-end condos with many high-profile residents. Not as well serviced by mass transport as other areas, the region is still very popular for its relatively lush flora. The highest point in all of Singapore is in Bukit Timah. There are also many great schools here, including several all-girl schools and a collection of Christian institutions. With over 50 islands, the country is full of places where expatriates can find good properties to buy or rent. A good property listing service should be able to help you narrow your search and find something ideal for your needs.

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