Finding The Right Disability Lawyers In Missouri

    Choosing an attorney to assist with your disability case in Missouri will you receive the benefits you deserve. Deciding which disability lawyers in Missouri are best suited to handle your SSDI or SSI case is of utmost importance.

    Although there is no specific requirement that you must have a lawyer to represent you in your Social Security disability claim it has been shown time and time again that the applicant is more likely to be approved for benefits if they are represented; this is especially true when the claim reaches the stage of a hearing. If you elect to hire a skilled lawyer, keep in mind the following:

    * Is the lawyer courteous and professional?

    Pay particular attention to the way you are treated by the potential attorney and his or her staff; you should feel welcome and you should sense a high level of professionalism throughout the firm. Disability law firms are extremely busy places but that should not have a detrimental impact on the way you are treated; you should expect to have your calls returned and your questions answered in some detail.

    * Access to your lawyer:

    If you cannot be put through to a lawyer when you call do not be overly upset. Experienced disability lawyers in Missouri are busy. They spend a considerable amount of their time in hearings and in their absence, rely on their staff to field incoming calls and answer the client’s questions. Look for a firm that will give you the opportunity to schedule a short, no-charge consultation with the lawyer.

    * Promises:

    No lawyer can predict the outcome of any case regardless of what the matter is; it is unethical for a lawyer to make any guarantees that your disability claim will be approved. What a good lawyer can do is provide you with an honest assessment based on the facts.

    * Approval rates:

    During your initial consultation with the lawyer find out what the firm’s approval rate actually is. Find out what percentage of cases go to the hearing stage and which percentage wins full benefits vs. partial benefits.

    * Knowledge of your disability:

    Based on certain medical conditions and circumstances some claims are extremely challenging, this is particularly true if the claim is for a mental condition that has an aspect of drug or alcohol abuse.

    If you suffer from a disability you deserve the appropriate benefits. If you are looking for seasoned disability lawyers in Missouri you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group and request a free consultation.

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