Versatile Wedding Favors: Personalized Chocolate Squares

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

No one can determine the right wedding ceremony for you. While some brides and grooms prefer classic elegance, others enjoy cutting-edge haute ceremonies and even novel-themed nuptials. If you’ve had a difficult time coming to an agreement with the rest of your wedding party, there are still plenty of items you can order and get out of the way. Ordering personalize chocolate squares, for instance, helps you handle wedding favors without the risk of clashing with your end result.

Small and Affordable

Unlike fruit sculptures and wedding cakes, personalized chocolate squares are basically the same, regardless of your wedding’s style or theme. They’re also a small and affordable wedding favor people can cherish after eating by saving the customized wrappers the candies come in. This is an easy to way to ensure some peace before your big day and is extremely easy to obtain.

For a smaller investment than your wedding cake, you can get enough small, unique favors for everyone who attends your wedding. These little sweets are perfect for snacking before dinner and dessert at the reception are ready. Customized candies are a fun way to leave a personal stamp on your big day without going overboard with your budget.

Personalized Wrappers vs. Personalized Chocolate

Most personalized chocolate squares are embellished with a simple design and covered in a paper or foil wrapper. For customized jobs, either the chocolate or the wrapper can be printed or embossed. Choosing to personalize your wrappers is an extremely affordable method of making unique favors for your wedding. A larger bar of chocolate – available in a variety of shapes – may be customized for the bride and groom, but for guests, it is more cost effective to focus on wrapper design.

Wedding favor wrappers can be kept in scrapbooks and memory boxes for years to come, while the sweet treats inside can be enjoyed on your big day. Because of the focus on wrappers, though, it is extremely important to use a company with high-quality wrapping, as well as high-quality chocolate. Both need to stand up to the test of time, right along with providing a pleasant memento.

Easy to Store and Transport

On your big day, you will appreciate the ease of getting personalized chocolate squares to your reception. Whether bundled in satin or cheesecloth, in small personal bags or handed out at the door, guests will find these little favors pleasant, convenient and affordable. They’ll also work with any theme wedding imaginable, making them a perfect option for providing guests with a reminder of your ceremony without adding to the stress of putting it together.

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