Make bathing an enjoyable activity

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Accountants

As much as we dearly love our kids, they have to learn some things at an early age even though they don’t find too much fun and excitement in performing the activity. One particular example is bathing. Most of the kids, especially the toddler ones, will put up such a good fight before you could successfully give them a refreshing bath; and for some parents who cannot stand the sight of their children squirming and crying, there is a tendency to just give up and just bathe them when they wish to. There is no question of good parenting style, why would splitting hairs be needed when there is one possible way to make them react positively on bathing? There is certainly a way to make this activity fun and enjoyable just like other baby activities. You know that babies love playing, so take advantage of that fact. Make playing and bathing a joined-force activity. Introduce them to bathing using their toys up until they would appreciate bathing without such reinforcements. By doing so, you can avoid encountering difficulties in convincing your kids to bathe; you need not resort to playing tug of war right behind the bathroom just to convince them to get into the tub. Instead of crying, they will be very pleased to see Mr Ducky floating on the tub, joining their boat toy or Barbie. There are so many situations that can be avoided by incorporating play in your daily bath activities. For one, you will not have to deal with your kid intentionally playing stiff, where they pretend to be a rock and won’t let you lather important body parts like armpits. It may look funny and adorable when they do it but it’s another story when they are all too dirty and messed up. Some children will intentionally face somewhere to prevent you from lathering them properly. Others would even splash water on you, which can be very annoying. More often, you would only end up reprimanding them and this can be stressful both for the parents and the kids. These are some of the reasons why you have to change your usual way of bathing kids. It has to be lively and fun each time. You have to know their interests and their favorite toys—choose kids bath toys made of plastic so there will be no harm made when they soak them in the tub. Other toys could have some coloring chemicals that might harm their delicate skin so be aware of these things too. Soon enough, they will learn the value of bathing without you bribing them with kids bath toys all over the tub. But for now, you just have to guide them through it by making bathing an enjoyable experience for them. Also, this could be one of their most favorite quality times or bonding moments with you. Wouldn’t that be nice? If you want to learn more about kids bath toys and how you can use them to create better bathing experience for your kids, check this site at

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