All About Ladies Golf Attire

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

If you are a woman who plays golf professionally or just recreationally for fun, either way you will want to know all about ladies golf attire. Read on to find out all about ladies golf attire, from tops, bottoms, preparing for weather conditions and temperatures, and the importance of comfort in all sports attire but especially in golf. Comfort and Temperature Comfort is absolutely essential when selecting ladies golf attire. If a piece of clothing is too tight or too loose, it can seriously mess up your game. This is especially the case with golf, a game which requires a balance between restraint and force. Preparing for the likely temperatures and weather conditions is also an important part of comfort. As golf is a sport in which games are played outdoors, making sure that you are prepared for all different types of weather conditions is absolutely essential so that you can turn your entire focus on your game rather than on how cold or hot you are feeling because you did not wear the appropriate clothing choice. Make Your Top Choice You can choose from among many styles of tops, including solid colors, button downs, collared shirts, striped or leopard print patterns, polos and tee shirts. The length of sleeve is another way in which golf shirts are differentiated. Long sleeves are best for cold weather conditions such as chilly mornings and short sleeves are best for warm weather. You should also make sure that the tops which you choose fit optimally to allow you to express your greatest range of movement possible. Golf is a sport that is especially dependent upon the movement of the arms and upper body during swings and putts, and so optimally fitting tops are essential so you can play your best game. Make Your Bottom Choice The most common choices for bottoms in ladies golf attire are pants, skorts, and shorts, and for good reason. These are the most popular options as they each come with their different respective pluses. Pants are best for chilly weather, but pants made from light materials can be good for warm weather as well and allow for maximum flexibility of movement. Skorts are a cross between shorts and a skirt, and allow a balance between comfort and femininity, while shorts are best for warm weather and allow for both flexibility and style.

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