Chair Sash Inspiration: Five Ideas for Creative Event Planners

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Shopping

Chair sashes are an elegant and easy way to add a touch of luxury to any event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party, chair sashes can help you create a unique and memorable gathering. Here are four

chair sash inspiration ideas to get you started.

1. Go for Glamour With Gold

For a truly glamorous event, go for gold! Gold chair sashes add a touch of luxury and opulence to any setting. Pair them with white or ivory chairs for a classic look, or use them to add a bit of sparkle to your decor.

2. Make a Statement With Bold Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color! Bright and bold hues can really make a statement. Use them to add a pop of color to your event, or create a cohesive look by matching them to your other decor.

3. Add Texture With Lace

Lace chair sashes are a beautiful way to add texture and interest to your event. Choose a light and airy fabric for a romantic look, or go for a more substantial lace for a vintage-inspired feel. Dusty blue chair sashes are a popular choice for rustic and bohemian-themed events.

4. Go Green

For a natural and earthy look, try using greenery as your chair sash. This is a great option for outdoor events or for creating a garden-inspired setting. Use fresh herbs, leaves, or flowers to create your own unique sashes.

From dusty blue chair sashes to fresh herb sashes, there are endless possibilities when it comes to chair sashes. For more inspiration, browse the CV Linens selection today at their website.

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