Tips for getting the best digital TV reception

    The quality of the picture and sound on digital TV is many times better than analogue signals, which date back to the beginning of television transmission and reception. Analogue signals, for all their inherent problems were always there, even though they were often grainy, snowy and ghosting. Digital TV is not like that, you either get excellent reception or no reception at all. To ensure the best digital TV reception means you must have the best Aerials in Worthing, and they must be installed and located properly.

    Digital signals cannot be received directly by an analogue television set, if you have not yet purchased a new TV, you will need a converter as well as an aerial.

    That which is beyond your control:

    There are a multitude of factors that factor into the TV reception you get, some of which are beyond your control. Inclement weather will often make digital signals disappear altogether. In very rare cases, you may live beyond the range of the digital transmission station and no matter what type of aerials Worthing you have; you will not get the signal. Typically, the range from a digital transmitter is about 100Km, so rarely is the location a problem.

    Aerial types:

    If you live in an area where the broadcast signals are strong, you can usually get away with an indoor aerial. Digital signals come from a specific direction so you will need to adjust the position so that your aerial is pointing directly at the transmitter. The signal can be interrupted by movement in the room, so placing the aerial high, perhaps on a bookshelf; will stop the interference caused by people walking in the line of sight of the signal. This is also a good idea as interference from other devices can impede the signal.

    If you live some distance from the transmitter, you may need a larger aerial which can be installed in the loft or on the roof. Make sure the aerial is well away from power lines, which will have an impact on reception. The signal can be blocked by trees, hills and buildings so make sure the aerial is high enough on a mast to insure line-of-sight reception.


    If the signal you receive cannot be enhanced through the choice and positioning of the aerial, then you may try installing an in-line signal booster. The amplifier will not improve the number of channels you receive, but it may improve the reception of the ones you do.


    If you simply live too far away from the transmitter or there is no way you can avoid high buildings or hills, then your only alternatives are cable and satellite TV. They will cost you more, but they are reliable and you will get a much wider variety of programs.  

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