Thuraya XT Satellite Phone – The Advantages Of Having A Satellite Phone

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Communications

If you’ve considered a satellite phone in the past, then chances are you know just how durable and reliable satellite phones really are. Satellite communications is the best way to stay connected. Whether you’re searching for a solution to stay connected for broadcast media, government, emergency response, adventure and sport, or maritime, a satellite phone is the way to go. In particular, a Thuraya XT satellite phone is one phone you’ll definitely want to look into. The Advantages Of Satellite Phones First, if you don’t know the benefits of satellite phones, then you may want to consider looking into them. Satellite phones offer the ultimate connection to other people despite factors such as bad weather. You could be out in a remote part of the world, but with today’s leading edge technology, a satellite phone will let you stay connected to others without dropped calls. A satellite phone has many advantages that normal phones do not. These include the following:

  • Service: The service for satellite hones, like the Thuraya XT satellite phone, is the best of the best. While cell phone towers are prone to problems from poor weather, power outages, natural disasters and vandalism, satellite phones will always provide great service because they do not use cell phone towers for service.
  • Emergencies: In case there is an emergency or a disaster of some kind, cell phones will typically be overloaded. Satellite phone service is never overloaded even in disasters or emergencies.
  • Durability: Consider the durability and reliability of a satellite phone. While other communication devices, including cell phones, will often become frail under wear and tear from outdoor use and/or heavy use, satellite phones are always shock resistant, water resistant, and are always built to last.

Consider The Thuraya XT Satellite Phone If you happen to be searching for a high-quality satellite phone, then be sure to consider the Thuraya XT satellite phone. Thuraya XT is the very first IP54 certified satellite phone and is easily one of the best on the market. It is resistant to everything from dust, to water, and is even shockproof. It’s considered one of the most rugged handsets out there. This phone is great for heavy use, outdoor use, and will work well under almost any condition you can think of. When you’re in need of a great way to stay connected, a satellite phone is the way to go. These phones offer reliability, durability, and great service for a very long time. In particular, the Thuraya XT satellite phone may be just what you’re looking for.   SatPhoneCity, Inc. is the leading provider of top-notch satellite communication devices. If you would like to learn more about their satellite phones, including the Thuraya XT satellite phone, please visit

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