The Keys to the Motivational Kingdom

    Are you depressed and down? Each of us have problems in life. But the way each one of us deal with  our problems is different. On one hand while many of us can deal perfectly with situations, there are many others who can’t. Many of us feel stressed out. We feel that we are being left behind. Each one of us has to face problems which only ourselves can understand.  Problems don’t have to be personal always. Many of us face professional or career obstacles for which there is a frustration that build inside us.  Monotonous life also is a key reason to feel mentally down. What we don’t understand is, our problems not only make us feel demotivated but also people around us. When you are not in your own self, trying to fight your inner being, the people around you too start getting negative feelings staying with you. This ultimately leads to strained relationships and situations.   What you need is positive energy around you. And you can start by creating it yourself. You need motivation. You need to learn to deal with every problem that comes your way. It’s not easy and it does take time.  You need to stop, breathe and contemplate on what is it that can keep you motivated. There are a number of ways in which you can stay motivated and keep others motivated around you. Remember, you can only boost others up when you, yourself feel positive. Here are three simple key factors to motivation. Take a look:   1.      The first step towards motivation is to understand the root cause of your depression. There are times when we don’t understand our own problems and yet we lack that spirit in us. Address the root cause of problems to your self. Then think about that one thing that can help motivate you every day. It can be one of your favorite pass times or anything that you like doing.   2.      Exercising also becomes a key factor of motivation. When you are regularly exercising, it helps to not only keep your body healthy but your mind too. It gives you a kind of relaxation which is required to take you through a day.   3.      Whenever you have time, it is important that you listen to some good motivational speakers talking and sharing their opinions on motivation with you.  You surely can keep good books and read them whenever you have the time. The best time is early morning.   The above three simple factors are the keys to motivational kingdom which would help you to succeed in life.       Doug Dvorak is a corporate keynote speaker for business offering laughter programs that combine an inspirational message with humor.

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