The Reason for Fluctuations in Heating Oil Prices in Groton CT

    The use of residential heating oil is significantly more common in the Northeastern United States than it is elsewhere in the country. Frequent fluctuations in price tend to be more noteworthy than fluctuations for natural gas. Households that heat with oil may need to pay attention to current prices so they can budget effectively. There are distinct reasons why heating oil prices in Groton, CT, can vary from one week to the next.

    Changes in Demand

    Heating oil is essentially the same substance as diesel fuel used for vehicles. The product’s price is tied to the cost of crude oil and follows those fluctuations. During bitterly cold winters, demand is higher and supplies may be diminished. Heating oil may need to be shipped in from other parts of the country or even from other nations.


    Households can avoid the fluctuations in heating oil prices in Groton, CT, by contracting with a specific company to provide fuel throughout the year. Because area residents are able to sign these contracts, they are less affected by fluctuations in heating oil than owners of diesel vehicles are. Price jumps at the pump may be dramatic during the winter, and diesel also is heavily taxed.

    Examples of Offers

    Examples of offers that may be provided on a contract include capped pricing and fixed pricing with routine maintenance service. Having a contract also means the company delivers oil regularly without the customer having to call. That eliminates the chance that the tank will run out. Contracts like this can be signed with Andersen Oil Co, with details provided at

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