Important Facts You Should Know About Heating Oil In New York

    The majority of heating oil used in the US comes from crude oil, with a few percentages obtaining heating oil blends from petroleum distillate and biofuels. From 2012 onwards, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey became the first states to start using ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). With a sulfur content of less than 15 ppm, the ULSHO significantly resonated with America’s call for safe and clean energy production.

    Below are some facts you didn’t know about the heating oil in New York and how it impacts the residents:

    Eco-Friendly Energy

    Contrary to what many people think, the ULSHO produced in New York is environmentally friendly. As the world strives toward attaining zero levels of emissions, heating oil producers have managed to reduce their emissions by 95%. Plus, the oil only has a sulfur content of less than 1%. This makes it a greener and eco-friendly source of energy.

    Energy Efficient

    According to statistics, heating oil can reach up to 16% or more efficiency. This makes them last longer than ordinary gas furnaces. Therefore, using heating oil can be cost-effective in the long run.

    Supply Meets Demand

    Amid fuel shortages across the globe, heating oil in New York has proven otherwise. The US is among the largest producers of oil. Plus, the country gets other oil supplies from Canada and other countries, including Saudi Arabia. This gives the US enough heating oil in its stock to meet the supplies.

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