The Best Construction Dumpster Rental in Kennesaw, GA for Business Owners

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Dumpster Services

One bundle of shingles weighs approximately 80 pounds. It takes three bundles to roof one square of a roof. A double-wide trailer with a simple roof is between 19 to 22 squares. The shingles that it takes to roof a 20 square roof is 1,600 pounds. A construction dumpster rental in Kennesaw, GA can withstand holding and towing the weight of construction materials.

Keep the Job Site Clean

If you are a roofer, you know that a roof does not just consist of shingles, but also metals, wood, nails, and underlayment. A construction bin rental is built to hold all types of construction material. You can toss excess materials into the bin rather than clutter your workspace. Clutter can cause serious accidents on any job site. For example, a worker can easily trip over material and deeply injure themselves. As the company owner, you must keep your employees safe. A premier construction dumpster rental in Kennesaw, GA makes it easy to keep the job site clean and safe.


As a business owner, you are in charge of every aspect of the business. You may have managers to help with daily operations; however, when a high-priority issue arises, you may have to personally address it. When you are addressing human resource issues or other high-priority issues, you do not have time to follow up and manually remove dumpster trailers. A construction dumpster rental company will bring the bin to the job site and remove it from the job site when the project is completed.

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