How to Hire a Bondsman in Norman, OK, Even While You’re in Jail

    It might seem impossible to get any business in the outside world done while you’re stuck in jail, but this is untrue. Oklahoma is one of several states with up-to-date telephone systems in its county jails. As long as you have access to a telephone, you can hire a bondsman in Norman, OK.

    Contacting a Bondsman From Jail

    During or after you’re booked, ask if you are even allowed to contact a bondsman from jail. With the exception of contacting attorneys, some county jail systems don’t allow inmates to use the jail telephones to contact businesses.

    If this is the case, call a friend or a family member instead. Give them your booking information and your charges so that they can relay this info to the bondsman. Discuss potential payment options to cover the cost of the bond. Every bond agent accepts different forms of payment, but there are several forms of payment commonly accepted by bond agencies across the state.

    Acceptable Forms of Payment for a Bail Bond

    If the bond agency you consult accepts collateral, consider what you can put up. Collateral may serve as an additional guarantee to the bond agent or it might be an actual payment for the bond premium.

    The bond premium is its cost, roughly 10 to 15 percent of your full bail. Someone with verifiable income can co-sign with you, which greatly improves your chances of scoring a low premium. You can also put up any cash you have, pay by personal check or a credit card.

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