The Power of Soothing Music for Babies

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Gifts

Your mother probably sang you lullabies as a baby because they are soothing and represent the passing on of traditions. Yet, it seems that like baby toys, music does more than just entertain. Studies indicate that music may actually influence brain pathways in a positive manner. Babies, like adults, have billions of brain cells that send messages to each other. In the first years of life, the messaging system is strengthened in a way that is based on what the brain regularly processes. Listening to songs over and over again will strengthen the messaging system that recognizes and registers the soothing sounds of music.

Everyone knows that a fussy baby or an infant that is not feeling well can be quieted with music. That is why music CDs make wonderful shower gifts for new parents. Though traditional baby toys are important for promoting development, music helps a baby develop music-related pathways in the brain, and those same pathways are believed to be important to the learning process.

New Style of Lullabies

There is an interesting variety of lullabies today. Borrowing an old saying, it can be said that "These are not your grandma’s lullabies." Done in a soft and soothing style, the lullaby tunes are adapted from the songs of well-known rock groups like Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and many others. Of course, baby needs to hear music by the Beatles and Elvis Presley too.

When you want to give an unexpected shower or christening gift, think of giving music. Since most infant celebration gifts are baby clothes and baby toys, parents will be surprised and delighted to receive such modern but infant-appropriate music. But mom and dad should stock up on music and toys and not wait for baby showers or other celebrations. Music should be an important part of every baby’s life because it teaches sounds and rhythms, while promoting brain development.

Nurturing a baby’s love of music is not difficult. When it is nap time or time to go to sleep, just put one of the baby’s favorite toys next the sleepy child and put on a Taylor Swift or Rolling Stones lullaby CD. Do not play the music too loud though because it could damage the infant’s eardrums. Playing music for an infant exposes the child to music early in life, soothes the baby, and promotes mental development.

Regularly Croon a Tune

While the music plays, you can sing along, and that promotes language development. Your sweet baby hears your crooning voice singing to the music and learns to recognize rhythms, sounds, and melodies. Very young babies can learn to recognize melodies, which is probably surprising to most people.

Music should be an important part of every child’s life. From lullabies to musical toys, babies should regularly enjoy the sounds of a variety of tunes. Music provides a powerful means of providing brain stimulation, promoting audio development, and encouraging a love of rhythms. The traditional lullabies can still be sung, but there is no reason to limit the baby to one type of music. After all, U2 songs make some great lullabies.

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