AC Tuneup In Chicago, A Weekend Project

    As winter turns to spring, you know summer is just around the corner. To make sure your air conditioning gives stellar service all summer long, now is the time for AC tuneup in Chicago. BY following a few simple procedures, you can ensure that your air-conditioning will run at peak performance, giving you trouble free cooling all summer long.

    Although there are a number of air-conditioners, this article will focus on doing an AC tuneup in Chicago on the types which are most often used in residential applications.

    Window and split air-conditioning units:

    Clean or replace the filters: Remove the filter (s), take them outdoors and remove the debris that may have accumulated. This can easily be done with a shop-vac. Once the bulk of the debris has been removed, wash the filter in warm, soapy water. Set it in the sun to dry, do not replace the filter unless it is completely dry. If you find that the filter is damaged, or it has deteriorated, replace with the identical filter. It is suggested that you take the damaged filter with you when you go to the store, this way you can be sure of returning home with the correct part. If the store does not carry the filter, have them order it for you, in the meantime you can purchase filter material, cut it to size and use it as an alternative.

    Vacuum the coils: Remove any debris from the indoor and outdoor coils. Use the upholstery brush on your vacuum, making sure you do not damage any of the very soft coil fins. If the fins do get damaged, buy a fin comb, this works better than any other method of straightening them.

    Seal the unit: Replace the rubber seal around the window unit with new weather stripping, fasten it securely so that it cannot easily be removed by a burglar or fall out un-expectantly and perhaps injure a passerby.

    Central air-conditioning:

    If you need an AC tuneup Chicago area for your central unit, you are well advised to call in a professional. Central air-conditioning has many complexities that are beyond the capabilities of the normal weekend DIY guy. The filters need replacing; the coils need flushing,; the pan needs draining, and the blower compartment needs to be cleaned. The technician will also be able to ensure that the refrigerant charge is correct, that the system has no leaks, and all mechanical components are working properly.


    Although tuning up the unit may be a job for the pros, maintaining the ductwork is something that you can do. Make sure they are well insulated and sealed. As much as 40% of the cool air can be lost during delivery if there are holes in the ducts or joints which have separated.

    During the summer make sure grass and weeds do not grow up around the outside unit, keep the grills clean and make sure condensation flows from the inside unit.

    For your annual AC tuneup in Chicago, call the pros at ELM Heating & Cooling. They perform a 20 point precision tune-up and subject the units to professional cleaning.

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