Light up dog collar: a safety investment for every pet owner

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

Dog owners and pet experts agree that all precautions should be taken to preserve both owner and pet safety.  When it comes to walking at night or in inclement weather, a simple yet reliable way to increase safety is to be sure your pet is equipped with a light up dog collar. Light up dog collars are often made of a comfortable flexible material that fit dogs of almost every size.  Just like with any other collar, the general rule of thumb is to be able to fit two fingers under the collar to be sure of a good fit.  The ideal collar is light-weight and resistant to water.  High-quality collars are designed with discreet on and off switches for the light. Another important feature of a light up dog collar is the longevity of the battery life.  It is best to purchase a collar that offers many hours of use so as to not be caught mid-walk with no power.  The light up dog collar should also use common batteries, such as AA or AAA.  Said batteries are cost efficient compared to small specialized batteries. Another feature that makes a lighted collar desirable is the range of the light.  Not only the distance that the light reveals in front of the dog, but also how far in advance the light makes the dog and owner visible to traffic.  The light should make your pet visible for miles.  The range and scope of the light really should be the most important selling feature of a light up dog collar, since that is the whole safety purpose behind the collar. While a lighted collar is considered an investment, there are many products available that are affordable and cost efficient, yet effective.  It is advisable to check out your local pet stores to see what is available locally and then compare online prices, bearing in mind the extra charges for shipping handling. With some common sense and a light up dog collar, owners and pets are sure to be safer when taking night walks. PupLight supplies light up dog collar which is a safety investment for every pet owner. Our PupLights and NekLights are unconditionally warranted for a year. 

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