Every Day is a Chocolate Day with Chocolate Hearts

    Chocolate and holiday are two words that are typically synonymous. Valentine’s Day begs for chocolate hearts but given some thought, so does Easter, Christmas and Mother’s Day because they are all days that an extra dose of love is sent to loved ones. A box of chocolate is almost as romantic as a dozen roses in the world of love and romance. Hearts Galore for the Wedding Whether the theme for the wedding is hearts or not, a known fact is that hearts are the symbol of romance. Therefore, how perfect can it be to have chocolate hearts for favors for the guests or in the candy bar? There is any number of options for chocolate. The candy bar at weddings has become quite popular because there are so many variations for it. Some add hot chocolate to the bar. There is nothing better than a chocolate heart melted in the hot chocolate. Chocolate Hearts with a Message One thing that universalizes a chocolate heart is the fact t you can put a message on the heart. Mom’s chocolate heart can simply say, “I love you!” A secret admirer could put a phone number on it or an email address. Some sexy messages could be appropriate for your bag of chocolate hearts. The message could be a game for a private party at a home. Whatever the message is on the chocolate heart, the one who picks it up has to read the message to the entire group. Or the message could be a directive to do a certain type of dance or sing a song to the party goers. Corporate Chocolate Hearts Secretary’s Day cannot pass by without all the corporate secretaries receiving a personal little bag of chocolate hearts. Just the same as the Boss’s Day, Pastor’s Day and all the other days that are just for a professional in one’s life to let them know how you really feel about them. Each heart could have a one word message to describe a characteristic he has. As a memory jogger, the heart only needs one word on it. Helpful, cheerful, diligent, patient, timely, hardworking and so on are all choice words that will make a boss or a secretary feel good. Another idea would be to put one word of a sentence on each heart so the recipient has to figure out what the message is. You can find great collection of personalized and customized chocolate hearts at ChocolateFavorWorld.com.

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