Sanctuary Cords Make a Trendy Statement

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

Corduroy pants are quickly making a comeback as a popular trend for women. The main reason so many women are embracing the trend is the antiquated look corduroys give to an outfit. Since the antique or vintage look is in, corduroys are a hot ticket item. One of the most popular brands are the Sanctuary cords because of their amazing fit, as well as availability in a large number of bold colors. The Brighter the Better Today, the color trends are bright and bold. Neutral pants are no longer the way to go; the brighter the bottoms, the better the outfit. Sanctuary cords are available in a variety of this season’s hottest colors including orange, which is one of the trendiest colors this season. The bold colors make it possible for this classic piece of clothing to take on a trendy look. How to Where Them Many women wonder just how they should wear their corduroys since it has been so many years since they were last popular. The most common way women are wearing them is the layered look with several tops or one top and a bulky fashion scarf. Whether you choose to wear a button-down shirt and flat oxfords or you dress it up with a cowl neck sweater and military-style boots, you will hit the mark for trendiness this season. The New Jeans Corduroys are quickly becoming the new denim for women thanks to the different styles in which they are available. If you want to take advantage of the hottest trend, find a pair of skinny Sanctuary cords. They give a bold look to the traditional skinny jeans trend, enabling you to take advantage of this amazing trend and even take it a step further. Pair them with high-heeled pumps or wedge heels for a dramatic and daring look this season. Women’s clothing constantly changes trends each season, but one thing you can count on is what goes around comes around. Corduroys used to be a popular clothing item about 10 years ago and much to the delight of many women, they are making a comeback this year. As an added bonus, they are better than ever because they are available in a variety of styles, fits and colors, allowing women to make a bold statement with their wardrobe this year. Stylish Sanctuary cords offer women the ability to show off their trendiness, as well as give them versatility within their wardrobe. Shop the latest collection of Sanctuary cords and other women’s clothing only from our boutique.

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