In an Emergency, Who’s Your Dentist?

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Legal Advice

Dental horror stories are becoming a thing of the past. Advancing dental technology and a growing list of sedation options are slowly extinguishing the negative aura that surrounded the dental profession. But that doesn’t mean that choosing a dentist has gotten any easier. Ask most people about what they look for in a dentist, and many will reply with a variation on the theme of comfort or stress alleviation. But there ought to be more to finding a good dentist than that: One way to approach the search for a good dentist is to think about who you’d like to treat you in a dental emergency. If you found yourself needing a same day crown, which La Grange, KY dentist would you run to? When it comes to finding a dentist you can trust in an emergency (presumably one you’d have no problem seeing for regular care), one of the best methods is via referral. Nearly everybody knows at least one person who’s experienced a dental emergency – from a chipped tooth to a painful abscess to broken crowns needing same day replacement. Ask friends and co-workers in La Grange, KY if they’ve got a good relationship with their dentist. Have them tell you about the kinds of dental treatment they’ve received, including preventative, cosmetic, restorative, and emergency measures. You can also base your search on your particular dental needs. You may not need a specialist even if you have a specific problem area, but you may want to seek out general or family dentists who have experience in dealing with certain issues. If you have ongoing problems with your gums, you’ll want to look for a dentist with some background or qualification in periodontal care. If you have several crowns, you may want to ask prospective dentists about their experience and qualifications in replacement, especially in emergency situations. Check with the staff about after hours, weekend, and same day appointments. Finally, although most of the fear-inducing elements of dental visits are a thing of the past, most of us still carry enough residual anxiety to make us want a trip to the dentist to be as stress-free as possible. So your search for a La Grange, KY dentist should include some investigation into the options available for alleviating discomfort – from entertainment to soothing lighting to sedation. True: If you experience a dental emergency and have a pressing need such as same day crowns or extractions, you may not be able to avoid dental anxiety entirely. At least you’ll have the assurance of being in the care of a professional who goes the extra mile to make even a checkup a relaxing experience. Same Day Crowns La Grange KY – Same day crowns in La Grange, KY are possible if you contact the right dental group in an emergency. Crestwood Dental Group provides same day service for emergency appointments, so if you find yourself in a dental bind, call Crestwood Dental Group immediately to make an appointment.  

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