Foundation Damage: Do You Need Services From the Foundation Companies in Houston TX?

Foundation damage often begins in subtle ways. As the damage advances, the home can be placed in danger. If the foundation of a home is not secure, the home is more likely to become damaged which can be expensive to repair. Knowing the warning signs of damage will allow homeowners to know when they need to seek services from the foundation companies in Houston TX.

Signs of Foundation Damages

Foundation damage is one of the worst types of damage a home can experience. What may start off as a few cracks can eventually lead to serious damages. The following are some signs homeowners should be aware of to know when they need to seek foundation companies in Houston TX.

  • Homeowners may first discover cracks in the mortar joints of their foundation. When settling occurs in the ground, this can lead to minor cracks. If the cracks are severe, a foundation company needs to be called.
  • Cracks on the walls of a home or the flooring are signs of foundation damage. The cracks will likely run diagonally from the corners of the doors and windows.
  • When foundation damage is becoming severe, a homeowner may notice their windows and doors seem to easily get stuck. They may be hard to open because of shifts in the foundation.
  • Should the floor of the home become sloped, this means the foundation has greatly settled and could even be sinking or upheaving. Both problems need to be corrected by the professionals.
  • Homeowners may discover their foundation seems farther in the ground than it once did or has come up higher. Both signs can mean serious damages are occurring to the foundation of the home.
  • It is not uncommon for the walls of the home to become bowed when foundation damages are occurring. The longer a homeowner waits to seek repairs, the more damage will be done.

Schedule a Foundation Inspection

If you are a homeowner who has noticed any of the above signs, now is the time to seek repairs. Contact Knight Engineering Services today. They work with residential and business foundations to ensure proper repairs are carried out.

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