French Drains in Boston MA Can Solve a Basement Water Problem

French drains in Boston MA can be an effective way to reduce moisture from a basement when there is seepage at the point where the sidewalls and flooring meet up. As pressure from a high water table pushes water up through the basement flooring, water can pool on the floor and even flood it during stormy weather. Installing a french drainage system can alleviate the problem, making the basement usable for other purposes.

French Drains

A French drain is a gravel-filled trench that has a pipe going through it with holes punched into the sides. As water enters the trench, it is drawn into the pipe and redirected outside, away from the property. Unlike other means for waterproofing a basement, this method provides drainage instead of attempting to block the problem out. It is an effective way to keep water out and under control.

Basement Installation

Installing a French drain in the interior of a basement may seem odd, but it works like a charm. A portion of the floor is removed around the perimeter of the space to create a trench that will house a perforated pipe. A layer of gravel is placed in the bottom of the trench, and a pipe is laid down on top of that at a slight angle. This pitch will allow the water to flow in the direction of a sump pump, which will ultimately pull the water out of the basement. Inspection caps that are strategically attached to the pipe will provide easy access if a clog occurs, or if the drain needs to be flushed out.

French Drain Benefits

French drains in Boston MA offer a tried and true method for keeping a basement dry. Unlike waterproofing materials that attempt to seal up the walls and flooring with a barrier, this method addresses the problem head-on and moves the water away instead of allowing it to put pressure on the foundation. An inside French drain can eliminate the need for digging up a driveway and the surrounding landscape, and it can be done under any weather conditions.

If other means have not corrected a moisture problem in the basement, it may be time to consider having a French drain system installed. Contact us for more information.

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