The Benefits One Receives When They Schedule a Back Facial In Boise ID

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Beauty Salon and Products

The demands and expectations of life make it difficult for individuals to take time for themselves. However, taking a small amount of time at least once per month is vital. Several advantages come with choosing to spend a day alone, including being able to reduce stress, reboot the brain, and improve relationships with those who mean the most. One great idea to ensure a day of relaxation is to receive a Back Facial in Boise ID.

What is a Back Facial?

Back facials include techniques that are standard to facials. These techniques include deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, purifying masks, and extractions for clogged pores.

Benefits of a Back Facial

Some may have heard the positive impact that receiving a facial does for one’s face, but many individuals are now taking advantage of adding back facials to their routines. Back facials offer many benefits, both pleasurable and health-related.

  • Rid of acne. With sweat and contact with different fibers from clothing, a back goes through a lot and often shows it through skin conditions such as back acne. As with the face, the back has glands that become clogged with sebum, and when not addressed, the sebum can build and clog the hair follicles. Clogged hair follicles lead to back acne in the form of whiteheads, cysts, and blackheads. For those who suffer from back acne, a back facial is a great way to help unclog the pores that contribute to the acne.
  • Ease tension in the back muscles. Like facials, a back facial is relaxing. Areas such as the neck, shoulders, and mid-section of the back will benefit from the treatment’s massaging motions and relaxing fragrances.
  • Heal dry skin. Added nutrients from the Back Facial in Boise ID can aid in healing dry, itchy skin. Many back facials include steam treatments to loosen the pores followed by deep moisturizing oils or creams to help prevent the dry skin from returning.


Back facials are a great service to prepare one’s skin for the summer season, as well as target and treat any annoying skin conditions that happen throughout the year. Contact to schedule your appointment today.

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