Ensuring Quality Butcher Supplies in Overland Park, Kansas

    Very few things can compete with the aroma and flavor of a fresh steak cooked on the grill. The grilling technique and the marinade or seasonings can affect the outcome, but the best taste is only possible when it is good quality meat. Every grocery store will promise their meat is the best, but the easiest way to ensure quality is to buy directly from the producer.

    Know the Origin

    The fresh butcher supplies Overland Park, KS rely on come from carefully bred cattle in the United States. Consumers can purchase meat from farmers and butchers that use these sources, or they can purchase directly from the ranch. In either instance, it is simple to trace where the cattle were born, raised, and processed.

    Unfortunately, chain grocery retailers do not always have such easy lines to follow. Petitions to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) have stated that some of the meat marketed with “Product of U.S.A.” labels are from foreign suppliers. Rollbacks in Country of Origin Labeling in 2015 made it easier for companies to use fraudulent labels without any legal recourse.

    Support Local Business

    Shopping direct from the producers also ensures that the money people spend stays within their community, or at least within the United States. Research has shown that the support of locally owned businesses enables more money to benefit the community than when the same amount is spent at a corporation. Prosperous locally run businesses boost the living standards of everyone in the community.

    Protect all Purchases

    Local companies know their business reputation relies on keeping every customer satisfied. Companies like Valley Oaks Steak Company do everything possible to make certain their product has the quality and freshness they promise. Local farms and ranches offer grass-fed and antibiotic-free meats that undergo careful testing to guarantee safety. Mass-produced cattle raised for corporations may travel thousands of miles to reach their destination. The numerous people handling the meat, and the randomness of how retailers may cut, package, and store the product makes a guarantee of quality and safety more difficult to provide.

    Consumers do better when they shop locally for any product. The initial price may seem higher than competing brands, but the quality and reliability of the item makes it worth the investment. To learn more about locally raised beef, visit online.

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