Things That May Increase Your Eye Pressure If You Have Glaucoma

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Optometrists

Glaucoma is a major cause of vision loss. Depending upon the type of glaucoma you have, you will either have no symptoms, or may experience severe eye pain, redness, blurred vision, or even unrelenting headaches.

Your glaucoma doctor St. Augustine FL will monitor your condition and prescribe eye drops to keep your eye pressure from rising too high. You should also be aware of the following things that may increase your eye pressure so you can avoid them.


Your glaucoma doctor St. Augustine FL may recommend that you curtail your coffee intake because it can increase your eye pressure, or intraocular pressure. Not only can high eye pressure exacerbate the symptoms of glaucoma, but it may also raise your risk for optic nerve damage.

Substitute coffee for green tea, which is a healthy alternative because it is rich in antioxidants. It also helps lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, which are also thought to be risk factors for optic nerve damage.

Certain Exercise Types

While the health benefits of exercise are undeniable, certain types of exercise may increase your intraocular pressure. These include certain yoga poses where you have to bend over or position your head lower than the rest of your body. Other exercises that may increase your eye pressure include diving, squats, weightlifting, and situps.

Conversely, brisk walking on a regular basis may help lower intraocular pressure, which may help stave off retinal and optic nerve damage in those with glaucoma. Before you engage in a new physical fitness regimen, talk to your eye doctor about which exercises are thought to raise intraocular pressure and which ones may help lower it.

If you want more information on factors that may increase or decrease your eye pressure or if you need to make an appointment with an eye doctor, visit our website today.

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