Critical Services to Obtain for Your Pet from a Chicago Animal Hospital

    As a pet owner, you are responsible for making sure your cat, dog or other animal companion remains in the best health possible. Along with making sure that it gets enough exercise and nutritious food to eat, you also need to get it routine veterinarian services to protect its overall wellness.

    Whether your pet needs a yearly physical examination or specialty care like surgery, you can find it at an experienced animal hospital in Chicago. This facility offers a variety of services designed to keep your pet in the best health possible.

    Yearly Examinations

    The animal hospital in Chicago can provide yearly examinations for pets of every size and breed. This examination involves checking every aspect of your pet’s overall health. The vet will inspect your animal’s ears, eyes and nose to make sure it does not suffer from allergies or a chest or head cold.

    The vet will also listen to the pet’s heart and lungs to listen for signs of pulmonary failure or pneumonia. If he or she detects signs of illness, the vet could have your pet undergo a scan like an MRI or x-ray.

    The last part of the examination will involve having your pet’s vaccinations updated. Most pets get a yearly rabies shot as well as a heart worm pill.

    Specialty Services

    The facility can also offer specialty services like surgery for major illnesses like cancer. Your pet will be put under sedation so that it feels no distress during the procedure. It will also be kept under observation to ensure that it does not suffer from adverse side effects after the surgery.

    You can find out more about taking your pet to an animal hospital in Chicago online. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic at our website to request more information about services.

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