Benefits of Hiring a San Diego Private Charter to Fly Over Flying Airlines

    Flying a private charter plane from San Diego to nearly anywhere else in the continental United States is viewed as a luxury flight. However, in the present day and age, charter flights from San Diego, CA may be exactly what you need to get where you want to go. Here are just a couple benefits of flying using charter flights in San Diego, CA.

    Significantly Less Probability of Contracting Covid

    Flying one of the major commercial airlines in what is quintessentially a large sardine can results in dozens, if not hundreds, of people contracting this current and potentially lethal virus. Imagine how quickly the threat drops when you opt to fly a private charter instead of a commercial airline. Now you have a plane almost all to yourself, and a significantly reduced risk of contracting an airbourne illness.

    Highly Unlikely That Your Flight Will Be Delayed or Canceled

    The news reports every day how thousands of commercial flights are canceled and leaving passengers stranded. If you fly a charter flight, the plane is yours and the pilot/owner is unlikely to cancel the flight or delay it unless the weather is exceptionally bad. You are almost guaranteed to fly when and where you want to go when you hire a private charter.

    When you have decided to hire a San Diego charter flight, contact Shubach Aviation. They can provide you with a list of possible flights and prices coming up and help you book a flight with them.

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