Your Guide To Hardwood Flooring Options

    The time has come to go to the store and shop for some new flooring in one or more rooms of the house. Are you dreading the process because you feel like hardwoods floors in New Jersey are just boring and with few options? Think again. The hardwoods that can be cut into floor slats have grown tremendously over the last decade. There are options with the color, the size of the slats, and even the look of the wood you want to put down. Stains can be glossy or with a matte finish. Long pieces, short pieces – take your pick and get the one that looks the best for the room you are upgrading.

    Types of Wood

    Almost any type of tree that grows can be cut down and made into slats. Hardwood flooring in New Jersey can be made out of cherry, mahogany, bamboo, pine, oak, maple, and many more kinds. Those are just some of the most popular because they are affordable and easy to get. Certain types of wood will also be available in colors that come naturally to the grain. For example, cherry and mahogany are typically darker because their natural look is darker. The stain used on those pieces compliments the dark tone. Pine and birch are very light colors, while maple and oak can be stained in both dark and light shades.

    Slat Sizes

    In the days of old, wood floors came with one size of slats and with basically a honey oak color. Nowadays, hardwoods flooring in New Jersey can come in dark stains, light stains, skinny slats, staggered slats, and even wide ones. Sometimes wood does not have large slats available simply because the trees do not grow that large. But pine, maple, bamboo, and oak have different sizes now so there are options on how you want the room to look. Wide slats tend to make a room look more spacious while skinny slats direct your eye towards one point in the room.

    The slats can also be placed in a pattern or staggered, to show a bit of design on the floor. Depending on the type of wood, you could also choose different colors to place to make a design. The colors would be shades of browns so the pattern would show up without being too glaring. Pick a faint pattern or make an obvious one like the family last name letter in the center of the floor.

    Hardwood floors can make a beautiful room look gorgeous. They are warm, inviting, and last a long time, even under heavy traffic. Wood floors are also easy to care for and clean up, making them everybody’s favorite choice for floors in the entire house.

    When you are replacing hardwood flooring in New Jersey, visit SMI Flooring Distributors. They have all types of hardwoods on display so you can compare prices and styles for your room.

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