How to Maintain a Residential Air Conditioner in Spanish Fork, UT

    Air conditioner maintenance is a must to prevent repeated repairs and unexpected breakdowns. Here is a quick guide to how to maintain a residential air conditioner in Spanish Fork, UT.

    Keep the Filter Clean

    A clean filter is key to a healthy operating system. The filter is responsible for stopping dirty air particles from getting into the system and damaging mechanical parts. It also plays a role in keeping the air clean.

    The average air conditioner uses a disposable filter that requires replacement once every 30-90 days, depending on the product. Some air conditioners have reusable filters that need cleaning. Not sure which one the unit uses? A local HVAC technician has the answers.

    Clean the Condenser Coils

    Air conditioning units have two parts, an inside unit called the air handler, and an outside unit that is the condenser. The outside unit often gets overlooked, but it needs maintenance too. Once a week, as part of one’s yard maintenance routine, it’s a good idea to hose the unit down. Clean any debris off the unit such as grass clippings and leaves that get stuck in the condenser. In the winter, when the AC isn’t used, cover the condenser to keep ice and snow from getting in it.

    Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

    Before using the air conditioner for the first time, have a local HVAC technician inspect the unit. They’ll make sure all the parts are lubricated and working well and repair any minor problems.

    To schedule maintenance or repairs for a home air conditioner in Spanish Fork, UT, contact Air Tech Heating & Air Inc.

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