A Brake Repair in Fairfield, CT Can Save a Life

    Do your brakes emit a high-pitched screech when you hit the pedal? If so, you have hit the shim, which is a metal indicator that alerts you when you need to replace the pads. If you have been hearing this sound regularly, you need to schedule a repair.

    Your Brake Hose May Have Sprung a Leak

    You may also need a brake repair in Fairfield CT if you notice that your brakes sink to the floor when you hit the pedal. When brakes do not respond as they should, you may have an air leak in the brake hose or a fluid leak. If you see puddles when your car is parked, you have a fluid leak.

    You May Need a Brake Adjustment

    Besides a reduction in responsiveness, you need to schedule a brake repair if your car veers to one side while you brake. When this happens, it usually means that the linings are unevenly worn or that the brake fluid contains some type of matter. You may need to have the brakes adjusted or the brake fluid drained and replaced.

    Are Your Brakes Making a Grinding Sound?

    Brakes sometimes grind when they need repair. In this case, it means that you need to replace your brake pads. The grinding originates from the disc and caliper coming into contact or rubbing together. When this occurs, your rotors may also be scratched, which produces an uneven surface. Therefore, the rotors may either need replacement or need to be turned as well. Instead of a brake repair, you will also need to fix the rotors.

    Who to Contact About a Brake Problem

    When you experience any problems with your brakes, contact a service such as the Mobile Mechanic to fix your brakes and keep them safe. Never procrastinate when it comes to this type of repair. Brakes can only hold out for so long. That is why you need to act quickly. Find us on Facebook!

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