ATU (Aerobic Treatment Units) in Maui – What You Need to Know

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Business

Treating the wastewater that’s released from your house is very important. There are many treatment methods available that are used. For instance, if you have access to the municipal sewage lines, you won’t have to worry about water treatment. The wastewater from your house will just pass into the sewage pipes and will be carried to the water treatment plants directly. However, what if you don’t have access to the municipal sewage lines? Installing an ATU (aerobic treatment units) in Maui is a great idea. Here are a few things that you should know about ATU (aerobic treatment units).

How Does it Work?

An aerobic treatment unit works in a very similar manner to the septic tank system. But, it makes use of an aerobic process for digestion instead of the anaerobic process that’s commonly implemented in septic systems. In many rural areas, these treatment units are used, especially if access to public sewers isn’t available. Unlike septic systems, the effluent produced by aerobic treatment systems is of a pretty high quality, and can be sterilized and used for irrigation. If you want to install an aerobic treatment unit, you should contact Valley Isle Pumping.

Why Choose it?

There are many reasons why ATU (aerobic treatment units) are a better choice than septic systems. For instance, because of the quality affluent produced by the treatment units, it allows for better placement in the leach field. If you have a larger drain field on your property, you can use it for irrigation. Moreover, these units are relatively inexpensive and easy to install as well. These are just a few essential things that you need to know about treatment units before you install one in your house. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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