What to Expect After Calling a Bail Bond Company in El Reno OK

People do not usually get up in the morning and wonder if they will be arrested before nightfall. When some type of situation arises and the individual ends up in a jail cell, the need for help from a Bail Bond Company El Reno OK becomes urgent. Here is what the client can expect once an agent is on the case.

Checking With the Court

The first thing that the bondsman from the Bail Bond Company El Reno OK will do is check with the court and find out when a judge will review the situation of the client. During the hearing, the judge will determine if the client presents any type of danger to others or is a flight risk. If there are no circumstances that would make it prudent to keep the individual in jail until the case goes to trial, bail will be set. The bondsman will be there to post the bail and begin the process of having the client released.

Processing Out of Jail

The amount of time that the client spends in the cell will depend on how quickly a judge can review the circumstances, set the bail, and accept the bond from the agent. At that point, the steps necessary to prepare for the release will get underway. In many cases, the bondsman will monitor the process and be on hand to greet the client once the release is completed.

Remaining in Compliance with the Release Terms

There are several things that the client must do while out on bail. One is to abide by any restrictions the court places on travel. If a need arises to leave the city, permission must be obtained first. Failure to do so could result in complications that the client would rather not face.

The client has also entered into a covenant with the bond company to be in court on the appointed date and time. Failure to appear when the case is called will result in the revocation of the bond. The bond company is also likely to secure the services of a bounty hunter and seek to bring the client to the court.

For anyone facing the prospect of arrest, contact the local bond company and seek some FREE bail advice! Doing so will be the first step in knowing who to call and what to do if the arrest does take place. Contact Connie Holt Bail Bonds LLC for more information!

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