Your Relationship With Your DUI Lawyer
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If you’ve ever been pulled over for a DUI, your first instinct may be to simply pay the fine and complete classes and accept the fact that you’ll have a DUI on your record. While you may not see a DUI as such a big deal, it could matter to future employers, landlords and credit card companies. Don’t hesitate to spend money on a good DUI lawyer in Towson. You can either spend money to have the charges dropped, or you can use that money to pay for your DUI charge. Local law enforcement may be counting on you and others like you to not be aware of state laws and use that to their advantage to levy unfair fines and charges against you. A DUI lawyer can help you combat those charges.

The DUI lawyer in Towson that you hire should be knowledge about state DUI laws and have local experience. Lawyers who do have local experience will know the court personnel and will better be able to get the best deal for you so that your fines won’t be as high and so that you won’t have to face as much jail time. During the initial meeting with your lawyer, make sure that you devolve every detail of the case with them, no matter how embarrassing or inconsequential so that they have the information necessary to have the charges either dropped or thrown out. Keep in mind that any and all information that you divulge to your attorney will be kept confidential and will only be used to your advantage. Complete honest ensures that you and your lawyer don’t have any unexpected surprises while in court.

Communication is an absolute must with your DUI lawyer in Towson. Make sure that you have several methods of communication with your lawyer, including fax, telephone, email and even webcam if it’s at all possible. A good lawyer will make time in their busy day to answer any questions that you have. While you may find yourself getting impatient waiting for your case to go to court, a qualified lawyer may attempt to hold off on the case until a judge of their choice is available to hear the case. Local lawyers are more knowledgeable about the judges and the verdict they will reach with cases like yours.

There’s also a chance that a DUI lawyer in Towson will have a better chance of subpoenaing a police officer than you would on your own. Having the officer’s statement could be a vital part of winning your case, so it should be handled by someone who knows what they are doing. Once your case has been heard, there’s a chance that it could be removed from your record, which you will more than likely appreciate in later years.

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