The Opportunities Studying Abroad Has to Offer

    The allure of international travel is undeniable.  Millions of people each year travel to a foreign land as a vacation destination.  However, many of these visits are often of a short duration and only allow the visitor a brief glimpse of all that foreign land has to offer.  Studying abroad, however, is an opportunity to truly live and learn in a foreign land for an extended period of time. The advantages of studying abroad are vast.  One obvious advantage is improving language skills.  Studying abroad allows a student to work on their language proficiency within the educational environment, also allows a student to develop fluency in the vernacular of the residents of a host country.  Reading and writing skills within that foreign language is honed during study.  Conversational skills are honed in the practical, everyday tasks of real life.Fluency in a foreign language is an inestimable plus on any student’s resume.  More and more often, the demands of the job market require that prospective employees be bilingual. Studying abroad also helps a student to learn not only about his or her chosen field of study, but also about the culture and lifestyle of the citizens of the host nation.  Truly living in the nation for an extended period allows a student to experience what real life is like there.  They can learn about the people, the art, the food, and the practicalities of everyday life in that land.  Students also have the chance to develop friendships with a great diversity of individuals.  Studying abroad is an opportunity for a deeper understanding of life outside the student’s home nation. Furthermore, studying abroad may also grant younger students the opportunity to develop independence and maturity that can help them grow into successful adults.  Studying abroad allows students to travel on their own to a foreign nation while at the same time providing them with the support of the controlled environment of their study program.  It is a chance for them to broaden their horizons and learn the skills necessary for living on their own. Studying abroad also allows a student to take advantage of all these opportunities while earning credits toward his or her degree.  There are a number of programs designed with a specific focus within a field of study in mind.  Many of these programs are able to tell students exactly how many credits the program will earn them and whether or not these credits will be accepted by their own school.  Studying outside these specially designed programs is possible, too, so long as the student makes sure their school will accept the credits earned abroad.  Some universities even have special partnerships with one or more foreign universities that allow their students to enroll in exchange programs. Studying abroad is a golden opportunity for students of every kind. The experience of living and learning in a foreign land can have a lasting, positive impact on a student’s future.

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