Why You Should Use Beacon II Refrigeration Controls In California

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Business

I am not talking about a way of controlling your domestic fridge or freezer since Beacon II™ Refrigeration Controls In California1 are intended for larger commercial applications of cold. This would include the likes of climate controlled rooms and spaces used by such as:-* Food processing plants
   * Refrigerated warehouses
   * Food distribution centers
   * Supermarkets
   * Restaurants
   * Florists & nurseries
   * And even places like mortuaries, hospitals, bio-tech rooms and environmental testing chambers
Maintaining The Correct Temperature

Whether it is a simple walk in freezer or a huge refrigerated warehouse it is essential that the temperature within it is controlled to suit storage of the items placed therein and to maintain that desired temperature no matter how the external ambient air temperature might fluctuate on both a daily and seasonal basis.
Furthermore, no storage place of this type is going to remain forever sealed. Doors will be opened and closed to allow access and, in some cases they may have to remain open for a period of time. Additionally, items arriving to be added to the store may well be at the outside ambient temperature and they will then bring heat into the cooled space.
There are a number of ways in spaces may be cooled down but they all use energy in the process and, since energy costs money, it is in the owner’s best interest to run their chilled plant as efficiently as possible. This is where the Beacon II™ Refrigeration Controls For California come into their own.
This patented system comes pre-assembled and factory installed. It features an integrated microcomputer based control board for components mounted on the cooling system’s condenser and evaporator (single or multiple). It can be small enough to use in restaurants and convenience stores but can be easily scaled up to control the needs of the largest refrigerated warehouses. It can even come complete with a wireless remote control system and communications hub.
By monitoring what is happening inside, the computer can efficiently control where and when energy is to be used to maintain optimum temperature. It can even take care of the plant’s defrosting requirements. While the results are basically fully automatic; many operators may prefer to have additional human monitoring and possible override which can be either by looking at a display directly outside the cold place or, through wifi to a remote center.
1 Beacon II is the registered trade name of Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, LLC for their patented Larkin computerized control system.
Turn Key Systems
use Beacon II™ refrigeration controls in California for most of their construction work on customized cold rooms and refrigeration plants. They know the reliability of this system.

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