The Reasons People Use Salt Lamps Wholesale

    A creative way to provide ambient light is with Himalayan crystal salt lamps. They not only create a warm, homey light, but they also make the air that you breathe cleaner. Salt lamps are actually made of mineral salt that has hardened in to chunks over millions of years. Each lamp is less than a foot tall, so they are ideal for table tops, bedside tables, and office desks.
    Some have been crafted into animal shapes and others have been colored blue, pink, or green. Otherwise, you can also order a natural lamp that has not been shaped or colored. It’s an upright chunk of mineral salt on a small pedestal foundation. Lamps typically range from six to ten inches tall, and they range in weight from four to twenty-two pounds.
    One of the reasons people buy these salt lamps wholesale is not only because they are a natural-looking item that emits such a warm light, but because of their health benefits. They change the ions in the air around us and ease the symptoms of illnesses like allergies, asthma, bronchitis, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, sinus problems, and even stress.
    When you turn the lamp on, it releases negative ions into the air which neutralize the extra positively charged ions in the air. Our electronic items like clothes dryers, computer monitors, electric heaters, microwaves, radios, televisions, and vacuum cleaners all release positive ions into the air, and positive ions are not good for our health. During the winter months, it may be too cold to open the windows and air out our homes or offices. Even if we can, the outside air may have too much pollution for those who live in congested areas. Some office workers work far away from windows in closed-off areas, and others are not able to open their office windows. A salt lamp is a great way to be able to effectively neutralize the positive ions in the air while providing a warm, pleasant light.
    These salt lamps wholesale use any standard 15-watt bulb. The lamp can be lightly dusted with a damp cloth and should then be dried with a cloth and left on for awhile so the heat can dry it thoroughly. The lamp should be used indoors only and should never be immersed in water. The salt in these lamps is already thousands of years old, and it won’t lose its effectiveness over time.
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