What you need to know if you are going to join the Ranks of Distributors USA

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Manufacturer Rep

It is one thing to say that you and some of your friends are going to become manufacturing distributors USA, doing so is going to be quite another matter. One of the challenges that causes many people to abandon the idea of becoming Distributors USA is the startup cost. Before you can even go about trying to find a company that is willing hire you, you are going to have to invest a great deal of money into getting your distribution company to a point where manufactures are going to be willing to take a chance on you. Previous to starting your distributors USA there are a few things that you are going to need. These things include; *  Trucks *  People who are not only willing, but also properly qualified to drive your trucks *  A reasonably large area where things can be stored *  Liability insurance *  A really sound business plan The number of vehicles that you have in your fleet and the size of the vehicles is going to have a huge impact  on the types of jobs you are going to be able to bid on. A small fleet means that you are only going to be able to bid on projects that are small. The same is true of the size truck that you are using. Unless you are doing all the driving yourself, you need to carefully go over all of the qualifications that the drivers you hire provide. You should also run a background check and make sure that they have clean driving records. Prior driving violations could come back to haunt you. You can’t afford to hire anyone who has a suspended license, or who has a history of collecting speeding tickets. One of the mistakes that many distributors make is thinking that they need to rent or purchase a facility that is in the middle of a large city. It won’t take very long before the city taxes really start to hit you. The truth is that the most effective place for a distribution storage facility is actually going to be located near things like airports, major waterway, or even near key highway exits are not only more cost efficient, they often prove to be more useful than the storage spaces that you would have rented in the middle of the city. Distributors who are just getting started need to be very careful that they don’t overextend themselves and they never take on a job that they aren’t going to be able to complete. The distribution business is largely work of mouth and your reputation is everything. All it takes is just one missed deadline and you will start to have a difficult time finding enough work to keep you busy and your doors open for business.

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