What to Pack When Moving to Tuscaloosa Apartments Near Campus

    Looking for apartments in Tuscaloosa, AL? Here are a few things you have to know before moving to your next home! We’ve organized a checklist, so you can be prepared and enjoy ALL the wonderful parts of becoming independent and creating a new home for yourself.

    Provide a Notice to Your Old Landlord

    If you’re simply relocating apartments, ensure this is one of the first things, you do. You want to alert your current landlord that you’re relocating. Make sure to do this in writing! Additionally, keep a copy for your personal records.

    Rent a Truck

    If you’re planning on taking a sofa, tv, set, or bed to your new place, renting a moving truck can be worth it. While you can try to ask a friend for a pick-up truck for help in this department, you’ll also have to struggle with toting all that heavy furniture up several flights of stairs. This is a personal choice, but it’s well worth it!

    Pack and Clean

    Before relocating, make sure you pack everything you need and finish the checklist with a deep clean. Cleaning out your space makes it easier for the next person to get settled in. It’s also a small but symbolic way of saying goodbye to your old space.

    One of the Easiest Parts of Moving Out?

    Do you want to know what’s the easiest part of moving out? Finding your next place! While many people claim this is challenging, Lark Tuscaloosa can make this seamless. Learn more at larktuscaloosa.com.

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