Are Bugs Bugging You? Three Household Pests to Watch for in Newnan, GA

    Have you noticed small holes in food packaging, unexplained rashes, chew marks on your houseplants, or droppings on your kitchen counters? These are all signs that you need residential pest control in Newnan, GA. If you’re wondering what might be bugging you, here are three common pests to watch for.


    One of the most common household pests, ants come in from outdoors and can infest even the cleanest of homes. When ants find a food source, such as your sugar bowl or honey jar, they tell the rest of the nest. It doesn’t take long for a line of ants to assemble in your kitchen.


    Because they carry many diseases and are difficult to eradicate, treating and preventing cockroach infestations is one of the most common reasons to use residential pest control in Newnan GA. You can discourage cockroaches by keeping your home clean and food put away.


    Itchy rashes are usually the only sign of bedbugs, and doctors are often the first to diagnose an infestation. These microscopic pests live in soft furniture like mattresses and sofas and feed on your blood at night.

    Are you ready to evict your unwanted guests? Serving Fayette and Coweta counties with over 25 years of experience, the team of professionals at Turin Pest Control is here to provide you with routine pest control and effective solutions for mosquitoes, fire ants, and termites.

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